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Director of Court Security and Emergency Preparedness

Alaska Court System

"I have had the privilege of knowing Gordon for many years and have been able to work with him in collaboration for materials related to behavioral threat assessment, physical vulnerability assessment, executive protection principles, and more. Gordon’s experience in both the private and public sector is valuable when customizing security packages which have various degrees of protection, safety, privacy, and training. I highly recommend Gordon and Priority Protection Group, LLC when developing your security strategy and training plans."

Security Consulting Services

Intelligent, Intentional, and Effective Security Measures

Priority Protection Group (PPG) promises a prevention-focused approach anchoring thorough and objective organizational security assessments and corresponding recommendations to mitigate or eliminate key risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Our recommendations help organizations establish a formalized strategy to integrate training, physical security improvements, and supporting policy and procedures.


Training - PPG specializes in educating audiences about security best practices in a way that is engaging, trauma informed, and effective.  We place special emphasis on empowering others to make smart decisions when it comes to their safety and security. 


Physical Security Assessment - PPG performs in depth site security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate threat impact to physical assets.


Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management - PPG provides a range of services to help organizations detect violence risk early and intervene effectively. 

Armed Security Officers - PPG supports clients in a variety of armed security functions to include Security Officers, Executive Protection, Workplace Violence Security, and Corporate Security.


Policy and Procedure Development - PPG offers policy development support that aligns security best practices with company goals and values. 


All Hazards Consultation - PPG helps organizations survey and address an increasingly diverse and serious, global threat landscape. 


Security Leadership Training - PPG trains leaders how to realistically evaluate risk, develop multi-dimensional solutions, and effectively deploy resources to improve violence prevention outcomes.

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