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Armed Security Officers

Security Personnel Functions include Security Officers, Executive Protection, Workplace Violence Security, and Corporate Security

The President and Founder of PPG started his career as an officer in the Army National Guard, serving for 6 years in the Military Police. After being hired by the U. S. Secret Service in 2017 he completed extensive training and served on multiple protective details while assigned to the New York Field Office, and the Presidential Protective Division. 

PPG Contract Security Officers are trained to blend the "hard skills" of security operations with the "soft skills" of communication, professionalism, respect, and customer service. 

Our officers deliver on Priority Protection Group's Promise to Elevate the security status-quo by providing our clients with greater emotional intelligence, intentional customer service, and constructive conflict resolution. Priority Protection Group collects organizational intelligence, brings awareness to trending security concerns across your organization, and contributes to effective solutions - informing policies, procedures, and organizational improvement.

Security officers are the eyes and ears for our clients. We recognize, address, and resolve concerns, and feed important information to client decision-makers in order to improve processes that manifest vulnerabilities. We are committed to implementing intelligent, intentional, and effective security measures.

Our services are tailored to the client, and we make special accommodations for clientele of unique industries and profiles. Security Officers are equally capable in uniform as well as plain clothes/covert capacities. We ensure security plan transparency with key client personnel, and maintain communication with local law enforcement leading up to and throughout our operations to maximize safety and response.


Our common services include:

  • Security Officer

    • Private Corporations​

    • Houses of Worship

    • Educational Institutions

  • Executive Protection

    • Security Advances

    • Short-term Security Details​

    • Secure Transportation

  • Workplace Violence

    • Armed Security Officers to mitigate concerning behavior at the workplace​

    • Covert or Uniformed options

    • Liaise with Local Law Enforcement

  • Corporate Security

    • Embedded Security Officers​

    • Ensure procedures align with policies

    • Dedicated personnel for awareness, reporting, and supporting the management of personnel concerns

Violence and crime are best prevented through the implementation of multiple layers of security. For this reason, Priority Protection Group recommends a multi-layered security plan to include prevention efforts through Employee Security Awareness Training, Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management (BTAM) consulting for leaders of organizations, and improving company policies and procedures in order to make room in the organization's culture for true Workplace Peace of Mind.


Learn more about other security consulting services we offer:

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