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Employee Security Awareness Training

Organizational Security Training

Priority Protection Group offers Employee Security Awareness Training that can be tailored to your organization, workforce, executive team, management team, human resources department, security officers, houses of worship or school staff and administrators. Security Awareness Training should be an essential element of organizational culture because it powerfully influences"Workplace Peace of Mind" for employees. 


PPG offers a multi-faceted training approach which leverages on-demand, online training; in-person train-the-trainer sessions; and live a la carte options to develop deeper security capacity.


Customized Training for Your Organization

Our training focus and team capabilities distinguish us from other security training companies due to our Learning Management System (LMS) called Priority Protection Group-Training Center (PPG-TC). There is no one size fits all. We always will do what is best for your organization within your budget. Access to PPG-TC allows the client to determine the frequency of training throughout the year with a fixed price per year. Here are more details:

In-Person Training

PPG can provide customized specialized training and consulting for functional leadership or task-oriented teams whose responsibilities may be more involved in managing threatening behaviors, including HR, Security, Risk Management, Facilities, and Information Technology.

Online Training

Our online training resources enable us to reach every employee in large companies at a price point that maximizes investment with expertise, ultimately improving the training impact. PPG-TC offers:

  • online access to courses for all employees

  • printable certificates of completion

  • reports showing quantity of employees who have completed training


Sample Training Video

Training Topics

Whether you choose online training, in person training or a combination of the two, you can expect to receive a detailed explanation about the following important topics:

  • Situational Awareness

  • Reactive Aggression vs Targeted Violence

  • De-escalation Techniques

  • The Pathway to Violence

  • Recognize & Report

  • Creating a Reporting Structure within your Organization

  • Behavioral Threat Assessment

  • Active Shooter / Active Violence Response

  • Key Elements of Threat Assessment Team​


Violence and crime are best prevented through the implementation of multiple layers of security. For this reason, Priority Protection Group recommends a multi-layered security plan to include prevention efforts through Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management (BTAM) consulting for leaders of organizations, improving company policies and procedures, and Armed Security Officers in order to make room in the organization's culture for true Workplace Peace of Mind.

If you are interested in learning more about how PPG can help your organization with Security Awareness, contact us here

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