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Security Consulting Services 

The Mission of Priority Protection Group is to provide workplace peace of mind through intelligent, intentional, and effective security measures. We offer our clients multiple layers of security to protect their people, property, and processes. As these layers are implemented, workplace peace of mind can become a reality.

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1. Employee Security Awareness Training

Priority Protection Group offers Employee Security Awareness Training that can be tailored to your organization, executive team, management team, human resources department, security officers, and houses of worship. Customized in-person and online training available.

2. Armed Security Officers

Priority Protection Group contract security officers are trained to blend the "hard skills" of security operations with the "soft skills" of communication, professionalism, respect, and customer service. 

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3. Physical Security Assessments

Whether you’ve been observing trends in criminal activity near or at your business, residence or house of worship; or had recent breaches of security; you should consider a Security Assessment.

4. Behavioral Threat Assessments

Priority Protection Group supports organizations in identifying, assessing, and managing situations and individuals in which there is potential for people to cause violence to themselves or others.

5. Emergency Policy &
Procedure Development

Developing a thorough, effective, and executable Emergency Response Plan (ERP) helps organizations protect life and property, extend their values and culture into their emergency management process, and ensure continuity of operations.

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