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Priority Protection Group-
Training Center

The video embedded below is an introduction to Priority Protection Group's online training capabilities. Clients receive access to customized training videos for various topics related to workplace safety, violence prevention, active violence response, and even training to support the responsibilities of organizational leaders in responding to reports of concerning behavior.

Training is customized to individual organizations within any profession and industry.

Welcome to Priority Protection Group-Training Center!

This introductory video highlights Priority Protection Group’s training options for organizations of all sizes and missions.  Our Learning Management System (LMS), the Priority Protection Group-Training Center delivers high-quality content rooted in research-based best practices.


We focus on prevention with specific content related to recognizing and reporting concerning behavior, Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management (BTAM), active shooter/active violence response, de-escalation approaches, security leadership development, personal safety, and more.

In addition to our online training, we provide consulting services to further support organizations in strengthening their violence prevention efforts. Our transparent and collaborative approach creates a strong foundation for effective partnerships and sustainable solutions to high stakes issues. 

We tailor all our services to the unique needs of your organization and culture.

Learn more about other security consulting services we offer:

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