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Workplace Peace of Mind


Achieve workplace peace of mind through assessing and addressing your organization's security measures, human & behavioral concerns, and policies & procedures in order to reinforce your workplace violence prevention efforts.


1. Happiness Nurtures Productivity

2. United Effort Strengthens Partnerships

3. Discover and Create Solutions

4. Approach Adversity With Diversity

5. Compassionate Leadership

Our Promise

We elevate the security status-quo by providing our clients with greater emotional intelligence, intentional customer service, and constructive conflict resolution. Priority Protection Group collects organizational intelligence, brings awareness to trending security concerns across your organization, and contributes to effective solutions - informing policies, procedures, and organizational improvement.

Gordon Brennan, President of Priority Protection Group, LLC

Gordon Brennan, President

Gordon has invested himself for over 12 years in learning and mastering security management through roles such as Embedded Corporate Security Manager, Special Agent in the U.S. Secret Service, and an officer in the Army National Guard (Military Police). Through these roles, Gordon has led and contributed to numerous executive protection details in New York City, conducted protective intelligence investigations, provided security consulting at the executive and department-head levels, led a multi-disciplinary behavioral threat assessment team, sat on a county-wide threat assessment team, and performed security assessments and site surveys in order to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate an adversary's impact. Gordon also presents personal safety and organizational security training.

Gordon holds a Master's Degree in Homeland Security, and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. He is a member of industry-leading associations to include the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP). Gordon is also a member of the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Workforce Committee.


Daniel Long, Director of Operations

Daniel Long has over 10 years of security experience in consulting, personnel management, program development, incident response, threat assessments, project management and team collaboration for large scale organizations. He started his security career as a security officer and worked his way into managing security at multiple hospitals to include a large hospital in the Portland metro area. Daniel is experienced in performing security assessments to identify risks and mitigate vulnerabilities for upwards of 50 locations.


Additionally, Daniel is familiar with completing behavioral threat assessments on people of interest and concerning situations, and presents on code silver training - response to violent attacks and hostage situations. Daniel was selected to implement the first-ever K9 program for the entire hospital system within the state of Oregon. He holds an Associates degree from Portland Community College and is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).

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