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Physical Security Assessment

Updated: Apr 1

The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) defines 'Security Assessment' as,

"A thorough physical examination of a facility and its systems and procedures, conducted to assess the current level of security, locate deficiencies, and gauge the degree of protection needed."

Physical Security Assessments are sometimes referred to a Site Surveys, or Vulnerability Assessments.

Physical Security Assessment Reveals Vulnerabilities
A Physical Security Assessment Reveals Access Control Vulnerabilities

A comprehensive security plan needs to extend beyond the physical measures and must align with the organization's policies, procedures, culture, and vision. Security cannot be a standalone entity, but rather, a contributor to other departments within the overall organization.

Many organizations wait too long to improve their security measures, but the most effective approach for securing your assets is prevention. Instead of only considering the cost of implementing robust security policies, procedures, and measures, consider the cost of losing and replacing your assets. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security emphasizes this approach, “Maintaining a strong physical security posture is an ongoing process that involves a continual assessment of new assets and changing threats.”

Often times an organization will experience breaches of their existing security measures, inconsistencies with their policies and procedures, or do not know that their current measures are not adequate for the changing environment around them, or from within their own organization and people.

Whether you’ve been observing trends in criminal activity near or at your business, residence or house of worship; or had recent breaches of security; or need an assessment for insurance purposes, you should consider a Physical Security Assessment.


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